People who are refugees see the news – they know what people say about them and it’s often unfriendly and unwelcoming. In making a genuine connection with a volunteer who will go the extra mile to get to know them as an individual or  to make a difference, people feel genuine support, friendship and solidarity, and carry hope for their future – it’s gold dust and its on the “most wanted” list.

Posting aid is not enough to meet needs. Aid can sit in warehouses. Good long term volunteers are needed everywhere to ensure all people and especially the vulnerable are supported to access the things they need in a safe, fair and dignified way.

Volunteers at Refugees START are not paid, but to do a good job for and with refugees we need to support some long term volunteers with essential expenses – e.g. cheap accommodation & car hire (for distribution and safety) Please donate to help us to support people and to get aid out humanely, effectively and with heart.

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