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refugee status uk

Refugee Status UK

If you are an Australian citizen who is eligible for refugee status in the United Kingdom, you may need to apply for a visa. In some cases, however, you may not have immediate entry into the United Kingdom, as you work with a non-immigrant status. In most cases, however, an application will be approved if …

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What is a Refugee

What is a Refugee?

In many countries around the world, a refugee is a person who has become displaced due to war or violence and who cannot return to his or her homeland. A refugee is granted refugee status in the country that they fled to, and may be eligible for protection in that country; however, they cannot be …

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World Refugee Day

World Refugee Day

World Refugee Day, also known as International Volunteer Week, is a time to raise funds and awareness for those who need our help and assistance. On this day, we are reminded of the millions of men, women, and children who are displaced or risk their lives trying to cross borders in search of safety. During …

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Women for Refugee Women

Women for Refugee Women

Women for Refugee Women is an international charity working to challenge the many injustices faced by women who seek refugee status in the UK. It aims to empower women and promote self-reliance. Each year, over one hundred and fifty women are subjected to genital harassment and/or violence. Most are afraid to complain because they fear …

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Refugee Crisis in Europe

Refugee Crisis in Europe

The recent refugee crisis in Europe, also referred to as the Mediterranean migration, was a time characterised by large numbers of people arriving into the European Union from around the Mediterranean Sea or on irregular routes through Southeast Europe. These include people from Northern Africa as well as from Italy and Bangladesh. The overwhelming majority …

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