Our Members

Trace Myers


In recent months I have been volunteering with refugees in Lesvos, I have also been working to raise awareness and donations, to campaign, and to build relationships and knowledge with other networks delivering community led support in Europe. I am motivated, like many others, to ensure people are treated with respect, dignity and humanity, and aided on their journey to refuge and safety. Now we have established Refugee START it is my aim to build on these relationships and experiences to enable us to contribute quickly and effectively where support is needed.

I am a skilled, passionate, award winning and consistently promoted service manager and practitioner with a proven track record of delivering best practice participatory creative youth and community work, health promotion initiatives, safeguarding services, volunteering projects, and professional training and capacity building. I have an unfaltering commitment to work with and for communities towards social justice, health and wellbeing. 

Jenni James


I’m a Kiwi jack of all trades. Last year I travelled the world. After this, in July, I heard hands were needed to help refugees in Molyvos. I offered, was accepted and bought an air ticket 3 days later. Since my arrival in July, I have helped to set up Transit zones (offering aid and information) and worked on coastal emergency response. When I arrived there was 150-250 people a day arriving by boat. 2 weeks later that doubled, again 2 weeks later it doubled again and within 2 months we now have 2500 to 3000 arriving daily along the 11km coastline we patrol. I have helped develop systems of work, communication and resource management alongside the Starfish team at Molyvos and through working with thousands of refugees and the local volunteer teams I have built up skill and experience in communication with refugees and an understanding of their support needs. The situation here is dynamic and I have been able to quickly respond to new challenges with solutions. I’m positive, open minded and creative and bring with me a load of experience from different fields. Skills and experience Degree in Environmental Resource Management Diploma in Sustainable Horticultural Management Lecturer and Field based trainer to local and overseas students at Unitec in Auckland Worked and lived on farms (horses, sheep, dairy) Set up three successful businesses (tour guide, courier, cafe) Worked with various community groups Events management (run festivals, camp grounds, club nights and events) Positive can do attitude and strong work ethic Experienced driver and used to driving minibuses and vans, on both Right and Left hand sides of the road Know my way around most cars and machinery I’m very practical and am competent in building, mechanics, and finding solutions

Cathie Heart


Cathie Heart is the technical support arm for this charity. She is bringing with her a wealth of knowledge built over the last decade in building websites, creating brands, generating content and social media know how, in order to provide a consistent face for the charity both online and offline.

She graduated in 2004 with an MSc in Information Management, a PG. Cert in Advanced Computer Science and her undergraduate in Business Information Systems. Since then she has worked in the highly regulated field of healthcare doing computer systems validation, IT Quality Assurance and Documentation Compliance for FDA & MHRA audits. Now running a successful freelancer advising and building online and offline business presences for others.