Seeking safety in Europe is physically and emotionally hard for children, families and individuals who have been forced to leave their homes to escape violence and war.  A mix of hope, fear and love fuels whole families through unrelentingly hostile landscapes and fuels others, like to help support them however they are able. Thousands of people are currently on this long perilous journey in Europe – 40% are children and many more are vulnerable or elderly adults. Help is as scarce and hindrance is everywhere. In the last nine months our team has learned from refugees what support/aid really can make a difference. We need your help urgently to offer thousands of people the simple things they tell us will help most*, things which support dignity, safety, release, shelter, support and comfort for refugees.


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People who are refugees see the news – they know what people say about them and it’s often unfriendly and unwelcoming. In making a genuine connection with a volunteer who will go the extra mile to get to know them as an individual or  to make a difference, people feel genuine support, friendship and solidarity, and carry hope for their future – it’s gold dust and its on the “most wanted” list.


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People walk miles across continents, and in circles around muddy camps and peoples feet are often cold, inujred or uncovered. Shoes are like unicorns in aid warehouses – hoped for but evasive. Please help us to ensure people can have decent shoes & comfortable feet – it makes a world of difference.


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Families and individuals are stuck long-term in makeshift camps across Europe. They face extreme weather conditions and a long wait. Some people are without any shelter while others are cramped like sardines into tiny inadequate festival tents that break, rip, leak, lack privacy, split kids and families and generally suck. People have zero protection from the sun and rain, and often lack any space to cook, wash, sit or just be. Lets make canvas homes and shelters together.


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Lets not beat about the bush. Underwear is rarely available and people are having to go for weeks without clean knickers and for months without bras. It’s not right, its not dignified – it’s pants. Lets show some undies-standing and get this sorted.


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Thousands of refugees are stuck in “Groundhog Day”, spending  day after day and month after month underoccupied in uninspiring camps, car parks, gas stations and fields. Theres little hope of this situation changing or people moving on any time soon thanks to the shocking decisions of the politicians in the EU.


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Many refugees are vulnerable to harm from other people and from environmental threats e.g. stones, snakes, uneven ground, burning chemicals etc. Some people, especially women and children, are scared to go to the toilet or to take a shower, and some are scared sitting in darkness.
Costs listed for each section are estimates based on the best available prices for good quality lasting items and current local service charges. There suggested amounts for donations, but any amount you can give is valued and valuable. We will always strive to make the most out of every donation. Watch this space for non-financial ways to make a real contribution! *currently we are not fundraising for food, water or sanitary products as other colleagues are working to provide these supplies or local warehouses have sufficient stock.

Refugees START


Give what ever you are able

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Thank you for donating!

Here are just some of the things you are enabling us to do on your behalf for the refugees: Refugees START - Infographic - Donations


Sleeping Bags

Compact sleeping bags are needed so that refugees can take them with them.

Mens Trousers

Trousers separated by waist size one size per box.


Suitable for walking, as people have a 60km walk from the northern shores of Lesbos to Mytellini.

  • Both shoes tied, in a small bag or taped together
  • EU size easily seen
  • Mixed sizes in a box is fine.

Don’t mix children’s shoes with adults

NEW Underwear & Socks

All items MUST be brand new and still in their packets. Separate boxes for men, women and children.


as we have warehouses full of this gear
  • Children’s clothes
  • Women’s clothes (other than waterproof coats)
  • Water absorbent Blankets/Duvets
  • Food
  • Babies bottles or powder forumula (do not give these, they make babies sick due to poor sterilisation availability in camps)
  • Large pushchairs
  • Toys
  • Childrens shoes (for now)

Thank you